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Save ECG as a File

In the PC-Vet/VetGard software there is not a built-in method of saving ECG data so that it can be accessed by other applications, including your practice management software.

Here is how you can get around that.
(steps 1 - 3 only need to be followed once)
1.    Download a print-to-image driver called the Universal Document Converter (or, you could use this alternative: the Zan Image Printer).  This shareware program behaves as though it were a printer installed on your computer.  However, when you print a document of any kind to it, this program converts that information into an image. 

Both of these programs are shareware (meaning you can use it with a few limitations until you pay the moderate fee to use the full version) and so you will probably want to pay the fee to allow you to use it fully.  The fee is paid directly to the people who provide it.

2.    Install Print-To-Image Driver

Install the print-to-image driver that you just downloaded per the instructions given at the website from which you downloaded it.

3.    Configure Print-To-Image Driver

You will want to make sure the preferences for the print-to-image driver are set to the kind of image that you want to convert as well as where you want these images to be placed.

First, go to START->Control Panel->Printers and Faxes.  Within this window right-click on the printer that you have downloaded (UDC or Zan) and choose Printing Preferences.  Within these preferences you can choose the tab that corresponds to the image type or the location of the saved image.  These will be what the print-to-image driver uses each time it is printed to.  The following screenshots will give you a better idea of what you are looking for.
Universal Document Converter

Choose the kind of image type (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.)                      Choose the location of the newly created image.

Zan Image Printer

Choose the kind of image type (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.)                      Choose the location of the newly created image.

4.    Print To An Image

From Cardioview, once you have downloaded the ECG tracing, simply choose File and then Print.  When the Print dialog window pops up look to see if one of the print-to-image drivers shows up at the top as the printer (either Universal Document Converter or Zan Image Printer). If one of those is not listed then click on the button to the right that says Printer.  This will open the Printer Setup window. At the top of this window you can choose the print-to-image driver that you installed.  Now, click OK within each window to continue.

Choosing the appropriate printer in Cardioview.

5.    Collect Your Image

Once your ECG has been converted to an image you can find that image at the location specified by the printer preferences listed in step 3.

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