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Wireless Portable Patient Monitor

The PC-VetGard+ is a hand-held battery operated patient monitor that displays dynamic ECG, respiration and temperature information on your Windows based computer. The Bluetooth adapter, provided, establishes a 300-foot wireless-range connection to your computer. Bluetooth is omnidirectional and virtually free of interference, ensuring a consistent, reliable wireless connection anywhere in or outside the clinic.
The Reviewer software adds to the PC-VetGard's versatility by including automatic file storage, dynamic playback of tracings and electronic ECG calipers. Measuring ECG tracings has never been easier or more accurate!

The PC-VetGard is sold with all the cables and sensors required to monitor ECG, SpO2, respiration and temperature in surgery; leg clips and the unique ECG chest probe for exam room applications, and a cable and leads for long-term monitoring in recovery and intensive care. Patient records and vital signs documentation are recorded automatically. The PC-VetGard is great for surgery, routine exams or critical care telemetry monitoring.
Features: down_arrow
  • Palm sized for maximum portability
  • Medical grade 120/240V AC adapter/charger
  • No wires or cables to your computer
  • Automatic and manual recording
  • All controls from the patient's side
  • Programmable alarms
  • Accessories Included: down_arrow
    • Digital Pulse Oximetry complete with two clips
    • ECG three lead cables featuring painless clips
    • ECG long term monitoring cable and leads
    • ECG chest sensor for diagnostic exams
    • Three revolutionary esophageal probes to measure ECG, core body temperature, heart rate, and respiration
    • Rectal temperature probe
    • Bluetooth adaptor
    • Application and Reviewer software
    • Hanging pouch for IV pole or table
    • Full-time staff training and technical support for the life of the product
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    What is being said about the

    "Connecting the patient to the monitor is simple with the esophageal probe. The probe is easily inserted and gives an instant ECG, heart rate, respiration, and body temperature. It is very easy to locate various specs on the display, so I can monitor my patients adequately without distracting me from the surgery."
    - Dr. Karen Lovelace, San Antonio, TX

    Vanessa Pimental, MV Brasilia, Brazil
    Andrew Kliewer, DVM, Heartland Animal Hospital
    Vet Forum Magazine Press Release

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