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Vmed Interpreter

Species and Size Specific ECG Lead II Interpretation Software

Vmed Technology, Redmond, WA, introduces its animal specific ECG Lead II interpretation software program, catalog i100. The program works with Vmed’s PC-Vet wireless ECG and VetGard wireless patient monitors. Templates for cats and dogs of different breeds and weights are included.  50 examples of commonly seen abnormalities and tables for normal measurements for cats and dogs are included for reference.  Each conclusive condition includes a hyperlink to the appropriate section of the full text version of "Electrocardiography for the Small Animal Practitioner"  by Larry Tilley and Naomi Burtnick. One click Normal-Abnormal determination with detailed analysis of charts up to two hours long.  Files can be stored on your computer hard drive automatically or manually and recalled for review, further analyses and e-mail transmission.  Thirty free uses available prior to registration. May return for full refund prior to registration if not completely satisfied.

Download Vmed Interpreter ECG Interpretation software product flyer and DEMO program by clicking on the links below:

Interpreter product literature click here

V.1.22 ECG Interpretation software no charge DEMO program. This program contains one normal and one abnormal animal file to demonstrate ease of use and to become familiar with the program.  The manual is available through the "HELP" menu on the top tool bar of the program. Not usable on actual animals. click here

Vmed Interpreter

Interactive ECG Clinical Trainer

This program is a valuable aid in learning to interpret animal ECG complexes.  Product contains the full text printed and electronic versions of "ECG for the Small Animal practitioner", by Larry Tilley, DVM and Naomi L. Burtnick, MT (ASCP), Made Easy Series, Teton New Media, 1999.  Contains 50 abnormal ECG traces taken from actual cat and dog patients with hyper links from the software conclusion to the appropriate section of the text where each abnormality is explained in detail.  Let the software confirm your diagnoses.  Not usable on actual animals.  You may download the DEMO Interpreter program above at no charge to evaluate this Trainer.

Vmed Interpreter ECG interpretation steps

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Step 1

Select patient and event to open file previously recorded by a Vmed wireless monitor.

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Step 2

Press "Quick Check" to select beats to analyze


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Step 3

See results of analysis; save to file and print, FAX or E-mail report.

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Step 4

Click on "Link" to appropriate section of textbook for background on conclusion.


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