Bionet B-Link Software

Automated Record Keeping for Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitors!

B-Link is a software program that enables you to interface Bionet veterinary monitors, including the BM1Vet, BM3Vet Next and BM5Vet, directly to Windows based computers. The patient data can be saved as a formatted text file or can be pasted directly into the electronic medical record of the veterinary practice management software you already use.

  • Paste results directly into ANY windows based software
  • On screen parameter selection
  • Set transfer interval in minutes or seconds
  • Parameters can also be displayed as a graph
  • Data can be saved in a formatted text file

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Why B-Link?

Traditionally, if a veterinarian wanted to import the results from their patient monitor to their practice management software, they would have to contact the company that provides the software and hope they would write an interface.

Bionet America has eliminated that step. Our B-Link product will be compatible with all Windows based practice management software.

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