HDO Vet BP Monitor

  • Routine Checkups
  • Diagnostics
  • Anesthesia monitoring

Significantly Improved BP Monitoring

  • Fast processors (32 bit)
  • Visible real-time measurements
  • High definition sensors
  • Totally new algorithm developed for animals
  • Valve programming towards a linearity over the entire pressure range (accurate 5300mmHG)
  • Fast and dependable measurements of the blood pressure (SysD, DiaD,MAP) and the pulse rate (up to 500 bpm) in around 10 seconds.
  • Real Time Visualization Software
  • USB connectivity

Real Time Operations

The HDO Vet BP Monitor allows for real-time scanning of pulse waves. This new approach to blood pressure measurement relies on High Definition Oscillometry. This real time visualization of pulse waves can be viewed on screen when the unit is linked to a PC or stored for future analysis. Multiple measurement data and related average value display can be stored on files. This enables posterior local or remote evaluation of the data.

32 bit technology allows for a specific programming of the valve over a pressure range of 5 to 450 mmHg which achieves an optimization of the signal identification with

  • Real time scanning
  • Real time regulation of the valve and
  • Real time analysis of the measurements taken
  • The main important parameters for accurate readings - linearity and speed - are ensured ONLY by HDO technology.

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