"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you about my experiences with the PRED Tablet. I have to admit I was a bit reluctant at first to carry a PC into my office appointments, but that quickly resolved. The PRED Tablet has increased my average client transaction and overall office efficiency in a number of ways. First, I can catch those clients that are late on their vaccines, and offer to update them in the room. Second, when clients ask for refills, I have the information right in front of me, and can simply click the refill button. The PRED Tablet pays for itself quickly. When I thought it could not get any better, I purchased the VetGard. Now I can perform ECG’s in the exam room with the client. What an addition to the practice!"
- Jeff Mayo
Alderwood Veterinary Clinic
Lynwood, Washington
"I am writing in reference to my recent purchase of the PC-VetGard Wireless Patient Monitor. I have a four doctor veterinary hospital and have personally been practicing for over 18 years. My associates and I have been overwhelmed by the performance and ease of use of this monitor. We have had the unit for less than three months and it has already paid for itself. We routinely use it during surgery, charging 45.00 for surgical monitoring and frequently for cardiac work-ups, geriatric screens, any case with a heart murmur or monitoring critical cases. I would highly recommend this unit for its quality, ease of use, record keeping and its income potential."
- Dr. Ned Horowitz
Massapequa Pet Vet
Massapequa, New York
"I have been working with DVM Solutions for 4 years. Greg has provided me with excellent products and service. The relationship with DVM Solutions does not end with the sale. Greg provides only quality products; you can be assured that every product he carries is worth your time and consideration. He also provides unmatched customer care after the sale. Most recently, I purchased 2 VetGards and 2 PC-Vets. I am extremely happy with both products. They do everything exactly as Greg told me they would when he sold them to me. Above all, Greg is honest and ethical. When I need a piece of equipment, I call DVM Solutions. I do not need to price shop. DVM Solutions offers me quality products and service at fair prices. I give DVM Solutions my highest recommendation for your equipment needs."
- Andrew Kliewer
Heartland Animal Hospital
Papillion, Nebraska
"I have used these monitoring systems at two emergency clinics where I am the Chief of Staff this last year and also as a traveling surgeon and critical care specialist around the world and this sums up my impression: Awesome! The wireless capability of monitoring ECG, respiratory rate and effort, waveform pulse oximetry and temperature is the wave of the future. I particularly like its use on patients that have to be moved from place to place in the hospital or are they themselves moving around their cage, as there is no interruption in monitoring, an otherwise risky time in critical cases. I also like these systems because they are easy to use, the patient clips involved are gentle on the skin, and transmission of the waveforms and digital data are very reliable even when used in patients in meal cages and in isolation rooms…I would recommend this technology to be used on any patients that require critical monitoring.”"
- Dennis T Crowe, Jr.
Pet Emergency Clinics
Ventura, California